We will be postponing Base Before Flow and Feel The Flow as we are reorganizing!

Class Types (Kensington)

Try out this Animal Flow® and Raw Functional Training (RFT®) style interval-conditioning class to experience how your body moves in time and space.

Lactic acid will be your best friend and your job is to overcome it. This introductory level class is open to all fitness levels.

Whether you're a beginner in primitive movement or an experienced mover, working on the foundation of the movements taught will only improve your performance in the long run!

From an ape's graceful flexibility to a loaded beast's power, you'll engage in a full-body workout that blends mobility and bodyweight exercises to unlock your body's natural potential.

This 75-minute Animal Flow® style class promises a fun and challenging experience that will leave you feeling more agile and connected to your body after learning the flow!

Geared towards individuals who are familiar with the movements of Animal Flow®.

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Class Types (Rockville)

Experience a strength block, targeting various muscle groups through essential lifts and movements.

Then dial in your workout as you are guided through either a muscle-building or high-intensity circuit option.

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Dedicated to active recovery, injury prevention, and optimal movement you will be guided through a series of myofascial release, deep stretches, and muscle strengthening exercises.​

Whether you're recuperating from an injury, aiming to fortify your joints, or just incorporating active recovery into your regimen, this class offers the perfect space to release tension, regain strength and mobility, and revitalize your body.

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