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As a wellness-mindset-based business with over 15 years of influence from various cultures and educational backgrounds, we look to assist YOU in shifting your mentality away from a survival mindset so that you can fight confidently every day toward a peaceful enlightened future!


YOU are capable of amazing feats (physically, intellectually, and spiritually)! Often either the resources are not available or you may not be fully in sync with your body, mind, and soul. This is where we come in!


With our assistance, we will reach deep within you to extract and expose hidden physical capabilities and thought-provoking ideas. The end goal is to invite brand new perspectives, shift your mentality, and transform your overall well-being!


Let's travel on this journey together!

Meet the Founder

Marcus G. "Guru Cu" Vilmé

A bubbly charismatic mentality-shifting coach pushing individuals to fight their comfort zone and step into a peaceful enlightened future!

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