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Do you have a goal but need guidance on how to get there?

Kay Simon wanted to start a wellness business focusing on handmade products with simple incredients. Her limiting beliefs were keeping her from reaching the next steps.
After addressing her limiting belief and holding her accountable to keep pushing forward, she officially launched her creative vision Envigors!

Achieve your creative vision so that you have a reason to start this journey!

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The Buffer Zone

Gaining clarity on how to reach a specific goal is how we help individuals connect the dots. Utilizing our methodology, we will help you see the stepping stones needed to get to your creative vision.

Fight Confidently


We know what it feels like to not have support while transitioning into a new phase of life. Sometimes the resources we seek is encouragement to keep going and accountability to stay up course.


Everything you need to stay on task over the next 90 days is housed in our app. We handle the organizing for you. Your job is to experience bliss and feel affirmed from checking off your tasks daily!


I agree that it is a long stretch in time. Without consciously thinking about a timeline, you are probably committing to a routine every day.

When you start a new job, there is usually a probationary period between three to six months. If you can give that amount of time to understand a job then you can place that SAME amount of attention on yourself!

Have you had support when committing to a challenge? Was there anyone keeping you accountable during the challenges you committed to in the past? You may not have been surrounded by the proper resources to shift your mentality and stay consistent.

With Quarter Visions, you'll receive encouragement every day to help you along the way.

If you have time to walk inside where you live to get to the kitchen or bathroom, then I believe you can walk at least for 5 minutes. The intention behind walking outside is so you can ground yourself by connecting with nature. Making the conscious effort to unplug from technology and exist in the real world.

The walk could be taking time in the backyard walking around barefoot. The walk could be running an errand to grab something from the store nearby. The walk could be a mental break from work to catch up with a friend.

The goal again is for you to be intentional about taking your mind away from the mundane and connect more with your body.

I do not believe you do not have a vision! If you think back to when you were a toddler, you probably had a dream to become [fill in profession].

A dream is similar to a vision. We use a different terminology because we understand that a vision can be achievable if given actionable steps to get there. This is the reason our methodology was created. The Buffer Zone provides a simple framework for you to create stepping stones towards your vision (goal). Your vision does not need to be large! It could be as simple as you want to learn how to write calligraphy or you want to learn to make ten different kinds of bread from scratch.

In this circumstance, the guilt is a good thing. Your guilt is symbolic of you not staying committed to what you agreed upon. So you were not able to meet all the requirements in the day . . . What's next? The next step is not letting yourself sit in the guilt. Make a vow to do better the next day. As long as you try, you will achieve more.

We constantly tell people we coach, that if you do not try then you will NEVER know. Do not sell yourself short because of your guilt. Pick yourself up and try again. Do not allow one day's mistake to be repeated. Understand that you can do better and I'm holding you accountable for it!

Pause. Take a pause. Eight 16-ounce bottles of water is too much? Let's unpack this.

Are you drinking at least three to four 16-ounce bottles of water? If the answer is no, then you have to work on that. Our bodies are made of mostly water. You are doing yourself a disservice by dehydrating the vessel that keeps you alive. You may be starved of water every day.

Yes, you will have to go to the bathroom a lot. It's a given. There is a reason drinking water is added to the vision though. Water is an aid in cleansing your body. Not only is Quarter Visions mental, but it is also physical. A detox for 90 days will place you in a new headspace and your body in an upgraded position.

How often do you read social media posts? I'm keeping it real with you. Stop making excuses for growth. Growth takes consistency and dedication, not excuses.

Shift your mentality by reading books that can change your perspective. Consider how much knowledge you can gain over 90 days. The amount of books you can finish in 90 days . . .

If you do not know what to read, we have recommendations of books to check out.

One of the biggest things to stress is while reading these books, take time to reflect through journaling. This can range from voice memos or written notes. Find a way to have the knowledge you read to transfer to something tangible. Think about it this way, your perspective is valuable. People could be inspired by the way you think. Be open to sharing your thoughts with the community because we can all grow from each other.

Are you tired of feeling like your motivation has a time limit?

Tier from TierTimeFitness wanted to showcase who she is to a larger audience by creating a website for her business. Tier lacked the motivation to build a website because she felt overwhelmed on how to get started.
We connected her with our creative design partner Cu Medium so they could walk her through the process of building and running a functional website. In less than a week, she was able to create the website of her dreams with all of the colors she adored.
Don't believe us? Listen to part of her testimonial!



“Marcus exercises the ability to focus on the detail while keeping the big picture in mind. A simple comment turns into an opportunity for self-reflection, open-minded discussion, and holistic advisory. The ability to maintain a holistic viewpoint certainly illustrates Marcus is able to connect and advise effectively.”

Jarrel Bobb
Senior Process Improvement Consultant at Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals

“He has multiple roles in my life and business. If you need someone to keep you accountable in your fitness and wellness (It is definitely two separate things). This is the man for you to gain that strength and assistance from any stage in your life. I can hear him now saying to me “LET'S GO COACH?!”

Kay Simon
Owner of Envigors

“Marcus is eternally playing life in a game of chess, responding swiftly and deliberately. The thing is that, what we don't see is that Marcus is always playing at least thirty games of chess, each with different goals, for himself or others, in mind. With every checkmate, a new goal is completed. The pieces are setup again but also two more games are started.”

Michael Smitelli
Mechanical Engineer at Transonic Systems

“The training that I've taken with Marcus has helped me review some of the inconsistencies I took in my exercise regimen. They've also provided a base for personal accountability when taking on some less orthodox workouts, pushing through the initial discomfort to the point where I've incorporated some into my routine.”

Luis Perez
Software Engineer (Infrastructure) at Google

“We discuss topics of life that don't naturally come up when talking to people daily. He will have me thinking about my current path and the paths of others and what my path could be. Marcus's ability to effortlessly connect to people and get them to reflect and think about what could be, makes him really special.”

Dejana Harris
Sustainability Analyst at Brightworks
The best time to achieve your creative vision is now

Sidenote- In a little more than 12 weeks, you could still be stuck in the routine that's draining you or you can have more control of the vision for you life!