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“My conversations with Marcus have been impactful, to say the least. Details on how to integrate spiritual teachings with mental and physical strength really helped to focus me on my path to self-improvement and overall growth. I love how I feel after our conversations!”

Lisa Elie
Long Island, NY

“Marcus meticulously crafted a schedule and workout regimen to cater my goals. From every workout down to the reps, Marcus consistently critiqued my form to ensure I got the most from the workout.”

Fax Amillion Victor
Boston, MA

“Marcus is a great coach and really helps you safely push your limits and training. It was great working with him and he always made everyone smile and laugh. He really helped me to keep pushing and continue my journey to a better version of myself!”

Lauren Hassett
Sterling, MA

“I’ve known Marcus for about 10 years and he has always been someone I can talk to confidently and comfortably about anything! You can’t help but smile and feel at peace while speaking to him. He challenges you and makes you feel so much better about yourself!”

Tekeisha Taylor
Atlanta, Georgia

“Marcus exercises the ability to focus on the detail, while keeping big picture in mind. A simple comment turns into an opportunity for self-reflection, open-minded discussion, and holistic advisory. The ability to maintain a holistic viewpoint certainly illustrates Marcus is able to connect and advise effectively.”

Jarrel Bobb
Macungie, PA