A bodyweight movement curriculum specifically developed to improve mobility, increase functional strength, and a series of movement modalities that optimize the (CNS) central nervous system to maximize the overall body created by Joseph "Da Rulk" Sakoda.

RFT® Level 2 Master Trainer

Guru Cu

Former EXOS Performance Coach and functional movement expert whose resume extends to training Google employees, first responders, high-performance athletes, and coaches from EXOS.

“Always Can,

Even When

No Can, Still Can!”

Keep fighting until you cannot anymore!

Do you have what it takes?

Are you mentally prepared to rely on yourself to survive?

Surviving in life alone is hard

Surviving in life with support
builds confidence to fight back

Calm in the


Even with a challenge like sitting in a Cold Plunge Tub at 36° F with a steady current flowing through the water, the will to survive and stay calm mentally through chaos needs to be stronger than the storm!

Take a


Gather your thoughts to refocus on the goal at hand. After reaching a stepping stone, use that as your "why" to continue fighting!

By Any Means


Walk, jog, run, skip, or crawl; it does not matter, keep moving! Expose yourself to training on the beach, concrete, grass, and other terrains, to challenge your proprioception system!

Take the Risk!

Challenge yourself to shift to a peaceful enlightened future with our help!

What are you choosing?

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“RFT teaches the “Get stronger by being more functional. Evolve by being more mobile and more adaptable” protocols and it has made me better at my job at 45 than I ever was at 25.”

Joe McCann
Joe McCann

“The RFT L2 is an experience that is unparalleled and something I could never forget. The training pushed me physically and mentally harder than I thought possible.”

Tarik Hassan
Tarik Hassan
Ottawa, Canada

“I knew RFTL2 was going to test me and push me to my limits. Not only did it change my view and understanding of fitness and the human body, but it also changed how I view life and the obstacles we face throughout it.”

Mark Haverland
Mark Haverland
Gilbert, MN

“Level 2 in particular for me was a space where I reminded myself what I am capable of. Proving your Grit is a large part of facing mental and physical adversity.”

Christopher Stuewe
Christopher Stuewe
Vancouver, Canada

“RFT L2 certification is one of those experiences that changes you, that propels you to a higher level of mental endurance, physical strength, and spiritual resilience.”

Marco Tulio De Ornellas
Marco Lobo
Brazil/Florida, USA


A bodyweight movement curriculum specifically developed to improve mobility and increase functional strength, and a series of movement modalities that optimize the (CNS) central nervous system to maximize the overall body.

To learn about the curriculum, contact us on how we can bring this modality and more to you!

We prefer to hold RFT® workshops/classes on turf (indoors and outdoors), concrete, and the beach.

Any fitness coach, trainer, athlete, or enthusiast who is interested in shifting their own and other's mentalities to the next level. This course will have you thinking differently about functional training and utilizing your body weight as a gym.

In the high-pressure situations that first responders experience, not only does their body need to be able to withstand external forces and fatigue but they also need to be mentally resilient to complete their jobs at the highest capacity. RFT® focuses on biomechanics to improve mobility, increase strength and ensure all of the body’s systems are operating at the highest level of efficiency.