Tips On How To Do Push-Ups

Tips On How To Do Push-Ups

It took me some time in order to actually perform a push-up with great form. Took some time meaning some years!

It all started back in middle school when my godmother voiced to me that in order to really have someone look at you and think you're confident, your posture had to be upright and look strong.

I slouched a lot back then without even knowing. The number of push-ups that I've done over the years set me up well. My posture looks better from constant adjustments.

Now I do want to mention that not everyone will be able to do a perfect pushup the first time. It does take some practice; trial and error.

It may take you a couple of weeks, months, or even years to have a solid pushup form but the biggest thing that I do want to mention as a tip is consistency. Consistency in focusing on the form will really help over time.

If you want to improve your push-ups and posture, here are a few tips to follow as a guide.

  1. You have two options for your starting position. 
    • Either, lie on the floor and place your hands flat on the floor with your arms at a 45-degree angle. Or start in a full extension plank with your arms straight, body tense, and balls of the feet on the floor.
    Showing to starting points to perform the push-up. From the top or at the bottom
    1. Any type of slack in your body is not going to help you have great push-up form.    
    1. A tense core will help you get the most out of the movement. 
    1. Try your best to get your chest as close to the floor as possible. If it is not possible, don't fret. Practice until you get there. 
    1. Be mindful not to guide the push-up with your neck. Try to guide the movement with your body.

    Look at you! You just did your first perfect pushup and all it took was a little bit of time and some guidance. 

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