How To Understand The Idea Of Flow

How To Understand The Idea Of Flow

There are many ways you can think about the idea of flow. Let's use water as an example.

Water is very viscous which, to keep it simple, means it is very loose. Water is very free-flowing and that allows for it to move in any way it wants and take on any shape it wants. If you place water in a cup it takes the shape of a cup, if you place water in a bowl, it takes the shape of a bowl. The before example is from one of the few interviews with Bruce Lee that was recorded.

Just like water, you want our minds to be as free as that too. In order to have your minds be as free as water, you have to release control over your own thinking.  

Picture of a waterfall.

I've noticed that many of us want to have control over so many things. Our thoughts are one of them. There are times when we may think one thing and say I should not be thinking this way.

It is perfectly fine to have thoughts that may seem uncomfortable or feel you shouldn't be thinking a particular way. That's not a judgment of your character, it is just that your brain is thinking and it's okay.

Do not feel guilty for doing something you do all the time. What I challenge you to do is allow yourself to think freely as best as you can because you may get answers that you didn't even know were there or you may discover something new about yourself.

I went through a 7-day fast and voice recorded my journey. In the podcast 1 Oh None, I share my flow of thought over the course of the 7-day fast. I will be sharing a step-by-step guide on the 7-day fast in the near future so you have the opportunity to join me the next time I do it!

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