3 Ways To Feel Energy

3 Ways To Feel Energy

It comes as no surprise that in this specific climate right now and the time that we're living in, the term energy gets thrown around often. Now the bigger piece is understanding how to feel it. 

The term energy is a phrase that gets used so often that I feel like it's become oversaturated. Lost in translation if you will. I want to share three ways that you can actually feel energy so the translation is clear.

FYI: You can feel energy in positive and negative ways but I'm going to only give three ways to notice the negative outcome.

  1. You feel tired out of nowhere

Sometimes you are just going about your merry day and all of a sudden your energy is drained or it feels like you got hit in your face by a frying pan. If you don't know what that feels like, trust me it hurts and it makes you stay still for a bit to reflect on what just happened.

Black man tired from what he was working on. 

  1. You become anxious

From my experience, anytime that I become anxious is potentially due to something that I've been thinking about or news that I heard. My mind starts to think about that subject over and over again. Because of the constant thinking, that is energy building up because my mind is focused on this one particular subject as well as creating multiple scenarios.

Black woman feeling anxious from whatever work she was doing.

  1. Your excitement fades

Have you heard of the phrase this is a mood killer or I'm not in the mood anymore? Those moments are really important to pick up on. There was something that caused your energy level to diminish. Examples could be; someone said something that was just really loaded with information, the space that you're in has so many people giving you looks that make you feel uncomfortable, or you're no longer in a good headspace because your food order was made wrong.

Black woman losing excitement and feeling exhausted.

If relate energy to the topic of physics, energy is neither created nor destroyed, only transferable. Energy comes and goes but it is up to you to figure out how it stays. Same principle.

There are other ways that can really make your energy shift negatively but I wanted to provide you with these three tips to take note of how energy can show up for you.

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