Choose Your Character

Follow the regimen of your favorite anime characters. Although you won't gain their full skill set, you'll understand their perspective.

Science and Experience-Driven


We use the "Buffer Zone" methodology to develop a strategic action plan for the 6-week program to help you achieve your goals. But we don't stop there. We also begin to create a framework after the 6 weeks are completed.

Robust Training System

The Hex-Point training system makes your training sessions more efficient, allowing you to maximize your growth. It reduces the mental load on your end, giving you more time for yourself.

Choose your program

Text: Super Full Power: Maximal Strength (Power Up) Centered. Online Program. Graphics: Jiren from Dragon Ball Z standing in the middle.

Reach your full strength, just like Jiren from Dragon Ball Super, and conquer the challenges that life throws at you!

Coming Soon
Text: Mutant-Quirk: Enhanced Agility Centered. Online Program. Graphics: Mirko from My Hero Academia standing in the middle.

Unlock heightened agility by embracing animalistic traits, just like Mirko from My Hero Academia!

Coming Soon
Text: Float: Plyometric (Zero Gravity) Centered, Online Program. Background: Blue galaxy

Unlock your athletic potential and defy gravity like Uravity from My Hero Academia!

Coming Soon
Text: Aura Synthesis. Online Program. Graphics: Meruem standing in the middle.

Familiarize yourself with hidden abilities, such as those of Meruem from Hunter x Hunter, to achieve peak human performance!

Coming Soon
Text: Awoken: HIIT (Time Skip) Centered. Online Program. Graphics: HIT from Dragon Ball Z standing in the middle.

Unleash a new level of efficiency, channelling Hit from Dragon Ball Super, to combat the unstoppable passage of time.

Coming Soon