Receive support toward your goals by training in a small group!

An All-Inclusive Application

The Fitness And Nutrition (F.A.N.) Realm is an app that provides you with fitness coaching and nutritional guidance all in one location!



$150 per week to train 2x per week.

Pricing package will be discussed during the consultation

We are located in Kensington, Maryland at FlexPods Studios.

The days and hours of availability are to be discussed based on the program.



“I am always amazed at how Marcus can lead a session made up of very fit folks and those who are on their way to becoming fit. He challenges the more seasoned group and encourages/motivates those who need a little push. I am extremely appreciative that Google has this amazing gym and programs. I think Marcus is top notch and look forward to continuing on my health journey.”

Kieran English
Google Network Development Partner

“I never thought that I could do the things he makes me do while working out. I have got stronger and stronger each time we train. Marcus is such a compassionate young man and he loves what he does. That is what makes it more fun to have him as a trainer.”

Ghislaine Firmin
Supervisor, MIT Transportation

“Marcus isn’t your average fitness coach. He is someone that truly puts his heart and soul into his work. Once you mention your fitness goals to Marcus, he is ready to help you get to your goal and even surpass the goal. The best thing about him is he will never let you give up.”

Rebecca Melice
Boston, MA

“Marcus does an exceptional job at catering to each individuals needs, even in a group setting. He makes a point of addressing each person's strengths and  weaknesses to ensure that they are being challenged while also remaining safe. Unfortunately, I was unable to convince him to move across the country with me or he would definitely still be kicking my butt every day.”

Ben Shaw
San, Diego, CA

“Marcus has been an amazing coach and teacher. Each time we met he took his time to understand my scheduling and goals for using Tai-Chi, as therapeutic movements to become stronger and focus more. It helped loosen the tension I was feeling in my lower back and ultimately grew stronger."

Herby Firmin
CEO of Wood Rockwell Enterprises