Raw Functional Training (RFT®) Level 1 (L1) Certification

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Interested in learning a 9-exercise modality that improves locomotion and cognitive function?

Looking to train individuals on how to move their bodies efficiently through time and space?

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Mentality shifting Coach

Marcus G. "Guru Cu" Vilmé

One of many certified L2 RFT® Master Trainers and considered a world-class coach in the fitness industry, training individuals on shifting their perspective on locomotion, cognition, and mental fortitude to fight every day for a peaceful enlightened future!

Lead others

Build Your Community

Inspire those around you to challenge themselves and shift towards a new mentality.

Expand your network

Join the Ohana

Meet like-minded individuals all across the globe that understand what it feels like to overcome silent battles.

What You'll Learn From RFT®

Become an RFT® L1 Elite Trainer

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If you are serious about becoming an RFT® L1 Elite Trainer, send us an email with the subject line "RFT L1 Certification" and a brief description of why you are taking this step!

Shift Away From

The Survival Mindset

With support from others, YOU too can inspire those around you!


No! The certification is open to both men and women!

No. This is open to all fitness levels.

  • Sent a certificate signed by the creator, "Da Rulk".
  • Provided a detailed listing of each exercise in the modality.
  • Access to connect with global network of RFT® L1 Elite Trainers via social media (Instagram)