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“I started my personal training in the MIT late-fall semester of 2020 with Marcus. Marcus is professional, encouraging, motivating, interesting, and very thorough with his explanations. Through his demonstrations, I was guaranteed to do the work out effectively and safely.”

Qingzi Zhu
MIT Mechanical Engineer

“Through his instruction on RFT movements, Guru Cu sets an ambitious challenge to athletes before each session. I especially admire his ability to deftly adjust his coaching style to each session. 

I train with Guru Cu because he is an uplifting and supportive instructor and I know he can walk the talk!”

Sam T. Adams
Rugby Athlete

“Marcus has the right ideas for what we ought to be doing to keep our bodies in shape. I love the simplicity of the exercises and the rigor he enforces to make those seemingly simple sets of exercises deliver a punch. I'm getting a professional workout training routine thrice a week being sponsored by MIT -- that's a real steal!”

Shashank Srikant
Graduate Student, MIT

“Marcus’ instruction has a great mix of strength and cardio and includes both classic and modern HIIT exercises (from running and crawling all the way to modified strength circuits with moves I’ve never seen). 

While he is always stern in pushing you to push yourself, he has a very welcoming, kind, and professional manner in how he interacts with his clients.”

Kara Rodby
PhD Candidate, MIT Chemical Engineering