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“Marcus has been an amazing coach and teacher. During the summer months we trained, each time we met he took his time to understand my scheduling and goals for using Tai-Chi, as therapeutic movements to become stronger and focus more.”

Herby Firmin
Boston, MA

“Marcus's ability to effortlessly connect to people and get them to reflect and think about what could be, makes him really special. He not only will have me thinking about my own current path but about the paths of others and what my path could be.”

Dejana Harris
New York, NY

“If so, after conversing frequently with my beloved brother, I have faith that the intangible contribution made by Marcus will undoubtedly be in the direction of the full spectrum of self-development and enrichment. And he is only going to get better from here.”

Clay Haynes
Elmont, NY

“As my fellow trained COACH, he is also my accountability partner when it comes to my business projects. He is a one of the reasons why I launched my business also addressed my limiting belief.”

Kay Simon
Silver Spring, MD