Animal Flow® is a modality that emphasizes quadrupedal movements flowing into a string of stretches and combinations creating beautifully orchestrated outcomes.

We incorporate many of these elements into our training.

There are "Six Components" within the modality. These include
Wrist Mobilizations

Before getting into the flow of the modality, we need be sure our wrists are prepared for all the movements within Animal Flow. From a beginner to avid flowists, this component cannot be missed.


To connect the mind to the body, Activations place attention on certain limbs through isometric holds. The two positions for activations are Beast and Crab, which is used throughout the practice.


The FFS combines conditioning, flexibility, mobility, and stability. One of the best ways to build strength and own the various ranges of motion.


If you've never experienced locomotive movements, this is one of your opportunities! With slow and controlled motions, working through the ABCs of animal movement: Ape, Beast, Crab and more will pose a challenge like no other.


To connect FFS with one another, we must be able to learn how to link them. That is the reason, S&T make up the majority of the Animal Flow modality.


To create the elegance within the practice, we need to link the movements together and flow. As shared by Mike Fitch, creator of Animal Flow, it is recommended to practice the individual movements before attempting to flow. Once you build a solid foundation, you could be fluid like water!

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